Part of the $175 million Texmo Group of Companies, Texmo Precision Castings was born in 1992 to manufacture steel castings, exporting to global markets. The level of industry competition pushed us to deliver a superior, quality product and service.

This constant strive for perfection is ever-present today.

Texmo History


Our state-of-the art, highly automated manufacturing facilities in the US and India manufacture round-the-clock, ensuring we can deliver the best possible product to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

Our ISO certified manufacturing plants exceed 200,000 sq.ft. with further areas designated for future expansions to respond to demand increases. We constantly reinvest funds into the research and development of machinery and automated systems to ensure we’re at the forefront of investment castings manufacture.

We are the only commercial casting plant to have locations in Asia and US. This gives our customers a strategic choice where to buy and helps with risk contingency, even making castings in both plants if required.

Along the way we’ve picked up various awards for our investment castings, which is testament to our process, and the high level of product and service we strive for.



Here are our diverse, experienced and talented people. Together, we manage India, UK and USA operations.

Sales Manager

Andrew Price

I bring over 18 years’ experience in investment castings and have spent a significant amount of time in North America and Asia. In this time, I have helped build customers, manage NPD programmes and develop people at our two modern foundries located in Warsaw, USA and Coimbatore, India. I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Management and I thrive on the customer diversity, daily challenges, teamwork and my strategic roles that my everyday work brings me. Being part of a very modern, growing business where success is our ultimate goal, makes my work interesting and dynamic.

Managing Director

Arjunan Ramachandran

I bring the vision and leadership road-map to Texmo. I am ultimately responsible for performance, growth and sustenance of the organisation in addition to leading, coaching and mentoring senior leaders, whilst ensuring that we stay true to the timeless ideals of the organisation.

Quality Manager

Avanashilingam Pattappan

Design is my core area of expertise. I review and approve fixtures, gauge design releases and technical documents for both, internal and customer requirements.  In this scope of work, I manage processes, people, Inputs, resources, budgets, whilst ensuring the team remains true to the Texmo culture. Customer communication for technical aspects such as RFQ, NPD, and Value Engineering is another area I handle.

Production Supervisor

Bill Alberding

Attention to detail in the running of the operations. That is my area of responsibility. I oversee daily operations on the shop floor, ensure that MFS plan is up to date, vendor management, personnel management and role allocation for every member of the team.

Account Manager

David Bennett

I am responsible for building customer relationships and effective communication and am continuously working to engage and support them. I work closely with Engineering and Manufacturing teams to understand how new development projects are managed to meet milestones and deadlines. On a daily basis, I manage customer expectations throughout the projects from start to finish and continue to the end of the lifespan of the products.

Business & Marketing Support

Dhini Puspitasari

Business and market needs is my area of expertise and I undertake a range of responsibilities to ensure we maintain a strong digital and social media presence.  In my work capacity, I manage the team to understand and support market demands and deliver high quality, real-time content for various media.

Engineering supervisor

Ezra Bates

I am responsible for managing process and product engineering teams at the US facility. Implementing systems for organisational efficiency and robustness. I set target metrics for the engineering team and use continuous Improvement programme besides setting goals with the team. I support and help engineering team members to continually improve skill sets and lend support to technical projects. My role extends to R&D activities for implementation of new laboratory tests and materials for process improvement. It also extends to lending support for sales through customer contact and consecutive NPD projects.

Assistant Documentation Officer

Gunaseelan Ponnusamy

I am responsible for Forecasting and Order Processing. This makes me the window between customer and process teams. Coordination is my key area of skill requirement and I coordinate with specific teams to schedule orders, monitor processes and ensure deliveries.  Sales coordination is another area I am responsible for and I oversee new RFQs and new inquires and submitting the quotations on time to customers.

Sales Administrator

Jeremiah Julius

New product development is where I step in and I offer a single window solution to customers.  I do this by processing purchase orders and updating project progress against customer delivery schedules. I support new business development managers and train them in the company’s global strategy. Part of my responsibility also includes the task of capacity planning for the manufacturing department. I am also in charge of customer visits at the plant and project feasibility review meetings with the engineering team.

Head - Business Development

Joseph John

Customer relationships and sourcing new possibilities for expansion is my area of expertise. A typical work day includes presentations and customer meets to showcase the products and capabilities of the company. I lead technical and commercial negotiations with customers and seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Head of Finance & HR

Lisa Hibbert

My main goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business. My role is diverse and I am involved in many aspects of the business. I ensure that we meet our legislative requirements from a finance aspect and make sure that our spending is in line with the needs of the organisation. I work closely with the HR departments to ensure we are investing in people and ensuring our culture to develop & mentor people is in place. I also work with the purchasing department to ensure we are getting the best quality products at a reasonable price ensuring that our customers get the best value from Texmo.

Quality Manager

Michael Miller

I am quality manager and management representative for ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 audits and other scheduled customer audits.  I ensure customer requests and complaints are looked after accordingly.  In order to achieve this, I work with cross functional teams and ensure every member of every team is on the same page as the customer is.

Purchasing & HR

Milind Ranadive

I am responsible for organising and maintaining a central facility for the purchase of all goods, services, and contracts. I also ensure the smooth supply of materials, consumables, and equipment, thereby ensuring continuity in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Manager

Pankaj Raghavan

I am responsible for lean operations with the best-in-class quality, OTD and zero downtime.  My role also requires me to implement capital projects to support business growth and expansion, continuous improvement programme to improve overall plant efficiency and effectiveness, and cost economy in projects.

Project Engineer

Phil Hancock

My responsibility is to work on projects onsite in India, the US and offsite in the UK. My work areas include new developments, process improvements and working closely with local teams to develop the relevant skill base.  My work gives me the opportunity to broaden the scope of thinking and therefore, the possibilities.

Senior Product Engineer

Sivaguru Saminathan

I handle cost estimations and product engineering functions at Texmo Precision Castings.  My role requires me to coordinate customer requirements, estimations and product development phases, conduct internal audits, handle external customer audits and support production team to ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Senior Accounts Officer

Vaithilingam Sankaranarayanan

I focus on the numbers: from financial planning to monitoring and budgetary allocations. Beside Financial Planning & Monitoring, I also take care of Budgeting & Forecasting, Accounts Receivables, Payroll Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Compliance.