We effectively have two options firstly being the 3D printed wax prototype waxes route and the second being the wax die prototype option.
Each has its own benefits which are subject to customer requirements. Our sales team can assist with what would be the best fit for you.

This is generally the route to go down if the design is still in its infancy and therefore you require castings for basic fit and function testing.
There is obviously a cost involved producing prototype parts and therefore if the cast design is fixed and proved, we would recommend to go straight to production wax die manufacture. Check out our dedicated rapid prototyping page to see more information on this service we offer.

Yes and no. If the 3D printed wax route is chosen then the surface finish is slightly ‘rougher’ than a wax that is wax pattern produced from an aluminium prototype die. Hence, we can work with you to minimise the desired surface finish that works for you. Regarding dimensional accuracy and other cast aspects, the parts will be comparable to castings made from a production wax die.

It depends which option you choose. Castings produced from 3D printed waxes can be supplied within a very short time (7-14 working days). However, castings from a prototype wax die will generally take slightly longer (21-28 working days). Of course, if castings require machining or are subjected to other processes, this could add a few days to the lead time.

We can do this at both our facilities – either in the US or India. Shipping can be arranged from 1 – 5 days depending on the manufacturing location. See our contact page to see where our plants are located.