With our US facility located in the ‘orthopedic capital of the world’, it’s no surprise that Texmo Precision Castings has over 25 years experience in the manufacture of both femoral and stem components.

Our medical castings are used around the world in machines such as:

  • X Ray Equipment
  • Vital scanning equipment such as MRI and CAT scans
  • Blood Analysis equipment

Materials cast are both Cobalt Chrome and Stainless Steel and these are generally also subjected to the heat-treatment and hipping processes at medically approved vendors.

Our medical customer base is vast with many of them located in Warsaw IN and around North America. Texmo Precision Casings India is also becoming very active in this field with larger reputable orthopedics companies approaching us for ‘local’ manufacturing in the Asian continent.

Other facts that you will be interested to know:


We cast in air with an inert shield and use either tilt furnaces or roll over furnaces.


Cobalt Chrome is sourced locally and the vendors are approved by the largest orthopedic companies in the world.


Texmo Precision Castings is ISO 13485 certified. Both US and India facilities are qualified to supply to high end medical device companies.


Cast material is checked upon cast to 100% guarantee and certify that the material specification is met each and every single time.


All non-destructive testing is carried out on site thus allowing low costs to the customer and rapid turnaround.


Outside processing vendors are situated within the same vicinity and therefore lead-times are slashed – 4 weeks is our standard for stem components.


Traceability is our strong point and our systems and procedures allow us to record manufacturing steps from wax injection all the way to shipping.

It’s also worth knowing Texmo Precision Castings manufacture instrument components that are used for orthopedic implant operations.

If you want to talk with our technical sales representative to learn more send us a contact below and we’ll be in touch.