We believe it’s the high standard we set ourselves, and our desire to exceed our customers’ expectations that keeps them coming back.

We're fast. Really fast.

Our meticulous process and strategic plant locations mean we can manufacture investment castings far quicker than standard lead times.

Need it quick? Then speak to us.

We're local. Everywhere.

Having locations in Asia, Europe and US means we operate in core time zones. We have staff of over 6 different nationalities, enabling us to work globally.

WE CAST cockpit voice recorders WHICH CAN withstand the impact of falling from 40,000 feet at terminal velocity

We control our quality

As well extremely tight process control standards for manufacture of castings, we also have large machining facilities with an array of CNCs. We are therefore able to fully finish the castings in-house, removing the need to outsource.

3D model to cast in 7 days

Our rapid prototype service can produce 3D printed wax models and process them in days. 3D model to casting can be done in an incredible 7 days.

Find out more about Rapid Prototyping.

We embrace technology

Technology and automation drives our company forward. Using automated processes effectively makes us more productive and ensures we meet our quality standards.

We’re constantly improving

We invest all of our profits back into the business, to allow us to be constantly active in the field of developing innovative process improvements in casting manufacture.